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This is my first attempt of a long term project, I have worked between 1994-2000 on the Television industry. I was attracted by this colors over-saturated universe that reminded me of circus I have seen when I was a child. But I wanted to keep a distance to be aware of what, eventually, I was watching, it was so weird indeed.
After 25 years I pull them out from my archives, because I felt that enough time was passed, since I have taken these images and now there was a sense to show them as sociological work.
​All of them are taken in Italy along 6 dramatic years which signed the capitulation of democracy under the power of the TV tycoon, Silvio Berlusconi. He get in power in March 1994 for the first time and stay in and out for 20 years.
I had this urgency to act and documented this period because I thought that was important at that time. I worked as if I was documenting the "History" of my country without any assignment but pushed by deep anger as if something very bad was happening. I was extremely critics with my own people which I couldn't understand, I felt really alone along these years facing this project none in Italy could understand why I was so interested in all this kind of bizarre television formats.

I felt like if I was living at the wartime or a nightmare that was really happening.
In the hope that today these old B/W pictures will talk to someone. I have decided to scan them and uploaded them into my site, to seek the opportunity to show them in an exhibition and into a book.

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