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This series is not a real project but a lot of photographs I have taken along almost 30 years of reportage, features, and short-term projects, which don't fit in any of the other sections of this page.
Are they important to show? Yes, they are, because, behind any of these single framed moments, there is my own "life".
A photographer is happy and lucky if she/he can realize 3/4 real long-term personal projects in her/his carrier. The rest of his/her life, are still photographs that go in a box.
Contemporary photographers call them features, but except for some extraordinary features, the rest is a 1/125 sec. of emotions,
strong, deep, and unforgettable for those who have taken these images but without a real story behind them or too many indeed to be told.
The only way for me to show them is to put all in what I call a life collection.
Is fair enough to show my life in this way.

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