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In 2014 on behalf of VIIPhoto I co-founded, with photographer and psychologist Linda Ferrari the VIIMasterclass a 6 months program teaching photography. So far we have welcomed 128 participants from 39 different countries around the world. From 2017 VII photographer, Maciek Nabrdalik and I are co-directing the Masterclass

Linda Ferrari Psycologist Cofounders VIIMasterclass.jpg
Linda Ferrari Psycologist Cofounders VIIMasterclass.jpg


To date VIIMasterclass, has reached its sixth edition. We have collaborated in the professional growth of 128 students from 39 countries on different continents. Some of them have achieved results that reward the work and the journey done together. During the Masterclass or in the following years they have published books that have won prizes and prestigious scholarships, they have exhibited in important museums and published in the best international magazines. The spirit that animates the VIIMasterclasses and their mission is to create the conditions for the participants to become authors. In addition to being followed by 8 photographers from VIIPhoto, the participants meet critics, photoeditors, publishers, gallery owners, photography historians, curators, festival directors and other photographers who reveal a very broad horizon on the photographic language and extensive use of this media.

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