Cinema Mundi
World Cinema comprises all those cinematographic productions that are not part of the colossal
Hollywood dream-factory.
World Cinema not only includes European productions, but also films from Asia, Nigeria and South America, contemporary Chinese productions with a historical-propagandistic background, Iranian religious biographies, Russian old-style communist biographies as well as the powerful and notorious Tollywood films from India.

Cinema Mundi has cultural implications, it is a description of a cultural universe and an economic shuttle far removed from the (universally considered) leading Hollywood film industry.
World Cinema however, continues to gain success and recognition by winning some of the most prestigious European film festivals and thus quietly changing the history of filmmaking of the last ten years.

Stefano De Luigi is about to narrate this alternative cinematographic universe (which spans from Shanghai to Lagos, passing through Moscow and Tehran) by means of a passionate photographic vision, telling the story of this less known film-world which is bursting with life and well on its way to definite recognition.

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