Reality Wedding

Campania is, historically, the Italian region where the largest number of weddings are celebrated.
But it is also – in spite of the sharp decline in the eco- nomic investment for weddings recor- ded in Italy since 2008, the starting year of the economic crisis – the region where people get married with more pomp and circumstan- ce, spending more than anywhere else in Italy.
A white dress and a buffet, in fact, is far from being considered enough: the wedding has morphed into showcase, costing on the ave- rage some 30thousand euro, preceded by a meticulous preparation, designed within the bounds of an attentive direction, anima- ted by comedians, showgirls, vocalists, musicians and VIP guests who won their fame with just a few appea- rances on national or local TV screens.
All of this is carefully recorded by an army of camera- men, documenting the entire path that led the spou- ses to the altar. It starts with the couple first meeting, staged in a fictional key (and often set in exotic loca- tins) for a prenuptial video called “preview”, creating a meta-event that often dictates timing and form of the real event.
A sort of reality show in which newlyweds and their friends adopt manners and language borrowed from the TV lexicon, shaping up an imaginary environ- ment infused with camorra and television, whose dominating thought is living the high life and being protagonists.
Behind this show, according to estimates of the Cam- pania Chamber of Commerce, work some 120 “wed- ding planner” agencies, about 30 “entertainment for weddings” agencies, over 216 specialized photo- graphic stu- dios, 122 wedding music bands.They of- fer services, at locations specialized in the production of particularly spectacular weddings, like “La Sonrisa”, a 40,000 square feet Versailles-like palace built in the Nineteen-eigh- ties (recently immortalized by Matteo Garrone in the movie Reality and currently the set of a new cable-TV reality show,The Wedding Boss) that range from the arrival of the couple in antique car- ridges or helicopters to the show of Brazilian dancers, from customized fireworks to ‘acrobatic’ bar tenders, from cartoonists for guests to the possibility of using professional moviemaking equipment such asa dolly, steadycams and camera car ts.

Irene Alison