Northwest Passage
For centuries it has been both the myth and nightmare of every sea explorer, since 1497 when Giovanni Caboto tried to face it in vain. The well-known Northwest Passage was first navigated by Roald Amundsen 100 years ago but has remained an almost impossible challenge in the 20th century.

Today climate change has reduced the ice, leading to an arctic shrinkage that has opened the famous passage and made it fully navigable. This is the most direct sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through northern Canada. Since 2007 about forty boats have successfully crossed the passage.

This work documents part of the Northwest passage accomplished for the first time by an Italian boat "Best Explorer" - led by skipper Nanni Acquarone.
Fifteen days of navigation from Upernavik, Greenland at about the 74th parallel 900km inside the artcic circle to Pond Inlet, Canada Inuit's Nunavuk Inuit territory navigating Baffin strait and the freezing waters of Pond Inlet canal. "Best Explorer" has also been the first boat to cross the passage and reach Pond Inlet in 2012.