Hidden China
The China of these images is rarely under the spotlight of international media.
Some provinces of the country, which has seen a prodigious growth continued over the past 15 years, remain economically depressed.
These travel notes talk of a humble China, hardworking, curious toward the foreign, sober.
Essentially based on an agriculture society, these provinces represent at the best how 30 years ago the country looked like.
Perhaps decades away from the glittering economic success of the east coast, the bright lights of Shanghai, this China limps sometimes difficult to follow the rhythm of the economical successful parade imposed by other provinces.
These images are also a witness about a China that is vanishing.
This trip starts from the city of Kunming, capital of Yunnan in southern China and goes through the province which has the highest number of ethnic minorities, and then follows in the provinces of Guizhou and Guangxi still among the poorest provinces in China.
The trip ends in the town of Chongqing (32 million inhabitants) a focal point of Central China as an important crossroads of two rivers Jialing and Yangzi.
Chongqing more than many others town is the "contemporary China"
I think it is right, that my journey would end right there, where the signs of change are more visible.