Chinese Holidays
Over the last fifteen years or so the exceptional economic development that has taken place in The People’s Republic of China has provided this social class with a disposable income equal to any other economically advanced country.
Approximately 19% of the population of China is middle class, meaning one inhabitant in five. It was the State News Agency Xinhua which reported this on 30th March 2010, quoting the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Then there is Hainan island, the smallest of the Chinese provinces and the exotic destination par excellence for young newlyweds on their honey moon, or professionals who travel here in their hoards from all over China to fill the many luxury hotels and enjoy the uncontaminated white beaches the island offers.
By the will of the government, Hainan is fast becoming an important national tourist destination, taking over from Macao and competing with Hong Kong in terms of investment in this sector.